• The fee mentioned is not limited to any number of websites. We can have as
    many as we want.
  • My payment cycle will start from the day I come on board with your
  • Please transfer the fee via cheque or NEFT between 1-5th of the following
  • The billing for the same will start the day we start pitching to the website which is independent to sales or the activation of the brand on the website. The monthly fee charged is purely for the time and effort my team puts in your brand.
  • You will be cc’ed on the all the communication emails sent from my end however fulfilment of orders will be taken care at your end.  
  • My Fee is independent of any conversions or sales the company makes. I purely charge for the time and effort I will be putting in your brand.
  • Out of experience we always recommend a minimum of 3 months collaboration because that’s the amount of time an online consumer take to build in trust in the brand.